Biosalmi is the only company in the country that has carried out a mapping research in order to determine the deficiencies and excesses on cattle feeding along the different regions in the country. Such study has been done over lab analysis on grazing, ground and water.

Several investigations and research on the field have showed that over the years, the before mentioned excess produces productive and reproductive disorders. The same study provided evidence that in certain parts of the country there was a lack of specific compounds and, in other cases there was an evident excess which represented a high risk of toxicity. Such unbalances were corrected thanks to the supplementation of the Biosalmi formula.

Once the requirements were regulated, the results have not stopped satisfying clients which is why the best advertisement that we can make is the one that our satisfied clients do for us.

"After three or four months of using Biosalmi we started to see the results the fur on young animals improved faster than those of the adults; lameness started to gradually disappear and lastly, we observed a significant improvement in production and fertility".

San Luis de López Farm

"When we replaced Biosalmi for a different salt we noticed that the production decreased from 18 liters per cow per day to 13 liters; in 100 cows, it was 500 liters less of production a day. Soon enough, we got back to Biosalmi".

San Agustín Farm

"I changed to Biosalmi and not long after that I started to be gratefully surprised by the first results, that is, and increasing production and the first successful pregnancies".

San Eduardo Farm

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