Dr. Carlos Silva Pérez

Mineral nutrition expert with a broad and recognized career path.


Biosalmi is a team of professionals that under the leadership of Dr. Carlos Silva Pérez gathered their experiences, efforts and knowledge in different disciplines with the purpose of filling an existent void in the animal nutrition market.

With the total awareness that our work could offer better days to the cattle raising industry, we are constantly up to date in our academic knowledge, research, investigations and field work results. Our main goal is to offer biotechnologically elaborated and produced products according to the requirements of each species.

Our mission

Biosalmi’s efforts are directed to always be at the vanguard within the animal nutrition industry. We manage our work activity with the commitment of contributing with the sustainable development of an industry which is fastly moving along towards becoming a self-sustaining market.

We are the only company that provides integral solutions in food technology and that offers innovative formulas which are competitive, of great quality, and profitable

Our vission

To promote the consumption of nutritional supplements for the health and well-being of animals as a culture by complying with the quality requirements and guaranteeing the safety of our products which have been smartly formulated and enriched through the participation of highly qualified researchers who are committed to Biosalmi’s objectives, interests, and strategies as well as having always as a distinguishing flag the good service and the ongoing improvement.